from WUFC's Financial Analysis Committee 

02Mar 2015

Alibaba Afilliate Plans IPO in the Mainland Alibaba’s affiliate, Ant Financial, is planning its IPO in mainland China either next year or in early 2017. Ant Financial is the owner of Alipay, which is the payment platform that plays a critical role in Alibaba’s operations. Alipay currently processes 80 million transactions per day and more […]

28Feb 2015

Today’s update by Krishna Bharathala, Jeremy Rhome and Charles Bagley Diabetes Drug Promises Change for Big Pharma – Krishna Bharathala Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) affects the body’s ability to use its own natural insulin to keep blood sugar levels stable. As many as three million Americans have T1D and that number grows each year. Most […]

24Feb 2015

Money Management Firm Move Overseas A lot of money managers are urging their investors to move their money into European and Japanese markets. The main reason for such a move is the upcoming quantitative easing programs, which have been signaling improvements in their respective countries’ economies and forecasting recession less likely. Stocks overseas are also […]

15Nov 2014

Amazon and Hachette End E-Book Dispute Amazon and Hachette have ended their seven month standoff over the pricing of e-books on Under the new agreement, Hachette has complete price-setting power for its e-books and will be able to schedule its books for pre-order on This will likely provide a boost to Hachette’s book sales during […]

10Nov 2014

Outgrowing the Classics: Cereal Makers Fall Victim to Changing Tastes It seems that traditional breakfasts are losing their appeal. As consumers lean toward high-protein breakfasts such as Greek yogurt and breakfast sandwiches, pre-packaged cereal makers are continuing to experience weak industry trends. This last week, General Mills released a revised sales forecast down from mid […]

02Nov 2014

Dollar General Extends Family Dollar Buyout Deadline Dollar General extended the deadline for the expiration of its tender offer for a complete buyout of Family Dollar to December 31st. This new deadline purposefully runs past Family Dollar’s December 11 shareholder meeting. Dollar General has offered $80 a share, but less than 4% of shares have been tendered […]

27Oct 2014

The Changing Face of the Music Industry: iTunes Music on the Decline Apple’s sharp 13% decline in music sales this year on its iTunes platform to 14% world-wide symbolizes a change in the way that consumers are listening to music, following a similar trend in online video streaming through sites such as Netflix and Hulu. This recent […]

19Oct 2014

  Expanding Offerings: Wal-Mart Offers $40 Doctor Visits In an effort to expand its healthcare offerings, Wal-Mart has recently offered $40 doctor visits. The menu also includes $3 pregnancy tests and $8 cholesterol tests. The firm has made clear its desire to be a price leader in the field, offering prices far lower than firms […]

12Oct 2014

  Added to the List: Kmart Falls Victim to Hackers Target, Home Depot, Supervalu, Neiman Marcus Group, and now Kmart customers have all fallen victim to what has been deemed “Backoff” malware, which attacks unencrypted credit and debit card information in the moments after a card is swiped at the register. It is estimated that […]