from WUFC's Financial Analysis Committee 

21Apr 2015

Update on US Markets Equities retreated this past Friday with the Dow Jones and the NASDAQ both dropping 1.3% and the. The S&P 500 also showed weak performance, ending down 1% for the week, and setting a record for the longest period (33 days) the index has not set a new record since June 2013. […]

07Apr 2015

Update on Greece: Greece has recently made arrangements to repay a loan tranche owed to the IMF as originally scheduled on April 9.  Although the government plans to prioritize wages and pensions over the 450 million euro debt owed to the IMF, this agreement provided relief over Greece’s future in the Eurozone. Moving forward, the […]

29Mar 2015

More biotech analysis from Krishna Bharathala and Charles Bagley A Brief Update and History Lesson – Krishna Bharathala On March 20th, the most popular ETF in the biotechnology sector, the Nasdaq Biotechnology iShares (IBB) hit an all-time intraday high at $374.62. This pricing was attained the same day Biogen reported positive data on it’s early-stage […]

24Mar 2015

Hedge Funds Outperform S&P, Anticipate Fed Rate Hike Hedge funds showed a 2.52% year to date return in the week ending March 20, 2015 according to Preqin. This beats the S&P’s 2.39%  year to date return.  This announcement comes amidst hedge funds’ increasing divestment from US equities in anticipation of a federal funds rate hike. […]

22Mar 2015

Today’s update by Jeremy Rhome and Charles Bagley The End of Obamacare – Charles Bagley SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan has stated that the story of the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, has been a “never-ending saga of challanges”. The latest challenge might be the most serious: King v Burwell argues the legitimacy of federal […]

06Mar 2015

The Chinese Rate Cut (March 1, 2015) While the US is considering a rate hike as the American economy recovers, China is joining the Eurozone and Japan in lowering rates and easing monetary policy to combat deflationary pressure. The surprise rate cut in China sent shares in Shanghai and Hong Kong up by 0.7% and […]