22Apr 2015

Consumer Retail Update 4/21/15   http://blogs.wsj.com/cfo/2015/04/21/in-tighter-labor-market-firms-weigh-cost-of-wage-increases/   Companies React to Demand for Higher Wages   Competition for workers, caused by a low unemployment rate of 5.5% and rising salaries, is prompting companies to raise wages. Wal-Mart and McDonald’s have already done so, but for companies such as Toppers Pizza, every $1-an-hour increase in pay means […]

20Apr 2015

Netflix Valued More Than CBS On-demand entertainment with no commercials for a flat monthly fee. When Netflix first announced its plans for streaming entertainment, most people were skeptical about its viability in a time dominated by cable television. However, fast-forward six years, and Netflix is now a behemoth in the entertainment field, with more than […]

12Apr 2015

4/12/15 Blog Updates   Grover Capital, hedge fund, trying to remove entire board of Biglari holdings, the hedge fund that runs Steak ‘n Shake (http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2015/04/08/meet-the-activist-targeting-the-activist-who-runs-steak-n-shake/) Grover Capital, a small Minneapolis hedge fund with $25 million in AUM, is currently in the process of removing the entire board of Biglari Holdings, the activist hedge fund that […]

09Apr 2015

Sony Shuts Down Operations of OnLive by Purchasing it for a Undisclosed Amount   OnLive, the popular provider of cloud gaming services, announced Friday that “with great sadness that [they] must bring OnLive Game Service to a close.” Founded in 2003, OnLive has focused on streaming game play that have sophisticated graphic without having to […]

04Apr 2015

http://www.wsj.com/articles/ftc-considers-possible-settlement-to-allow-reynolds-lorillard-merger-1428010322?KEYWORDS=lorillard   FTC Considers Merger Between 2nd and 3rd Largest Cigarette Companies This week, the Federal Trade Commission met with Reynolds American Inc. and Lorillard Inc. in what could be the final considerations regarding a merger between the two companies. Reynolds, owner of Camel cigarettes, and Lorillard, owner of Newport cigarettes, are the second and […]

30Mar 2015

When Amazon first announced its intention to use drones to deliver products, most people were skeptical. The logistics and legality of such an unprecedented move were heavily scrutinized, greatly hampering the company’s progress in the field. However, recently, Amazon was able clear its first hurdle in the path to making unmanned drone delivery service a […]

29Mar 2015

Heinz-Kraft mega merger backed by 3G Capital/Buffet This week, Brazilian investment group 3G Capital and Warren Buffet announced a plan to merge food companies Heinz and Kraft, yielding a market value of approximately $70 billion. Though this week the deal was formally announced, 3G and Buffet named Kraft as a potential acquisition target when they […]

22Mar 2015

Coca-Cola Reports Lower Revenue Coca-Cola reported last month that its revenue fell 2% to $46 billion and profit dropped 17% to $7.1 billion from the year before, which can largely be attributed to shifting preferences towards more healthy alternatives to soda. Coca-Cola’s CEO, Muhtar Kent, acknowledged in October that the company would not meet its […]

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